Peace Beats Vol 1 :: Union








Jimmy Deer

Peace Beats is mindful music for modern culture. Combining ambient soundscapes with cutting-edge beats and organic instruments, Peace Beats set the perfect mood. Whether you're teaching a yoga class, trying to stay calm at work, or stuck in traffic, Peace Beats will elevate your state and take you to a peaceful place. Vol. 1: Union clocks in at just over an hour and follows the arc of a yoga class, making it perfect for a moving meditation.

Peace Beats creator Jimmy Deer is a composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist in Los Angeles. He has worked for Grammy-winning artists like Seal and India.Arie, scored for Lionsgate and Brawler films, placed songs with many networks and media outlets, and is a certified Reiki master.

Vol.1: Union marks the beginning of an exploration combining his love for ambient, electronic and acoustic music, his drive to make a difference in the world, and his desire to cure his own road rage. Visit him at:

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